VOLUNTEERS... Making A Difference!
Make enrichment
Caring about their
Eagle Scout Projects
Stopping to say hello,
even on your day off...
Making fire hose
Mending broken hearts
Learning their language
Together we ARE making a
difference, you can too!
Call (360) 575-9231
Letting them choose
how to spend their day...
Creating waterfall features for the monkeys!
Interns hard at
2020 Official Website
A Special Tribute To
Jeff Graham
Thank you for your help, love & support!

We need construction
volunteers experienced
with concrete re-surfacing!
If you or your company
could help us please click
on the link below or call us
at 360-575-9231
Construction Heroes
Make a difference
in your world!

Kelsey Scanlan

We are so proud of you!
Mindi shares a special moment with Eve
Elizabeth giving some one on one to a
special needs macaque...
We depend on our faithful volunteers to
help keep our monkey areas clean and
There are no words strong enough to describe how grateful  
and lucky we are to have Jeff on board with OPR. He has been
such a tremendous help and inspiration to all of us. His
dedication and hard work is simply unprecedented.  Drying fruit
for the monkeys, painting, replacing burned out light bulbs,
collecting produce, you name it he's done it! But now with Jeff
on our board of directors and spending hours each month doing
our books, and doing such a fabulous job! We are one of the
luckiest organizations and truly blessed by his presence.
Thank you so much Jeff, we love ya!
We luv ya
Eric Byler!
Thank you
for supporting us!
We love you guys!
How Stan & Debbie unload donated apples from
Hood River
First, you fall into the box like Debbie...
Stan looking for Debbie!
Assisting With
Kayla spent over a year in Indonesia learning from the
masters who truly understand macaque behavior and what
their wants and needs are...  
Those masters of course, are wild macaques!

Macaques love watching our
volunteers clean!
Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, pass a national civil and criminal  background
check and be able to commit to a minimum of one day per week. Volunteers are required to
have a yearly Tb test.
From OPR volunteer, to Intern,
to Veterinarian!
Volunteer Application click here
YOU can help us make a difference!
Cleaning Enclosures
Grounds Maintenance
Making Enrichment
Caring about their feelings
Giving treats
Helping them make friends
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