Once a Dream... Now a Reality!
Oregon Primate Rescue ~ DBA: OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary
For the love of Jonah Lee, and through hearts of compassion and generosity, we
have been blessed with a beautiful new sanctuary in the state of Washington! An
unbelievably breathtaking 28 acres surrounded by evergreens, filled with the
sound of birds twilling in the distance, deer passing through the meadows each
day, and the sound of trickling water steering its way through the frog filled
ponds. This truly is heaven on earth for the monkeys! A secluded safe haven
where they truly do feel at home!
Thank you Jonah Lee for making our dream a
With love from all of your cousins!
Jonah Lee
OPR Education Center & Hospital area...
The tranquil sounds of waterfall...
Side view of the 60' X 60' macaque barn
Lookie! Jonah Lee even donated really cool toys for the
monkeys! We love you cousin Jonah!      
The OPR monkeys
And there really IS an Easter Bunny! Jonah Lee's
relatives delivered decorated hard boiled eggs
Jonah Lee made sure we were safe! He made
the builders install a fully enclosed walkway
around our outdoor areas so the humans
couldn't reach through and scratch or bite us!
View of the new lobby in our educational
center, featuring the stunning giclee'
(left) recently donated by world renowned
artist and HERO to animals
Schim Schimmel.
Thank you so much Schim! We love you!
Please come visit us SOON!

The OPR team
" I can't believe this is real!  
I love this place! Thank you
Jonah Lee!"

Love Mandy
"George" enjoying the therapy pool
for special needs monkeys
View inside macaque barn
SANCTUARY, where they feel at home
2020 Official Website
Transfer tunnels at each end
of the main monkey house
Exploring a PVC tube...
Thank you Skip for OPR's new educational "Monkey Mobile"!
We love ya!
Back view of the 60' X 60' macaque barn
Hospital & Quarantine Area
Outdoor quarantine area
Guillotine door
(above) allows  
monkeys to go
outdoors at will.
Indoor hospital cage
Monkeys view from Hospital quarantine
Monkey's view from an indoor hospital cage
Macaque Pool
Exploring a
Fully enclosed 'Monkey Tunnel'  (above)
allows monkeys to travel from the macaque
barn to the outdoor swimming area at will
Wow! So many fun things to do when you're a monkey at OPR!
Watching horses run
through the pastures!
Just hanging out... And
knowing somebody loves me
just because I'm George!
Playing in the tunnels!
Watching the horses run!
(Left) George checking
out the newest playhouse
Surrounded by nature......
Batista foraging for raisins in a
covered outdoor area
OPR Grounds
Special needs barn
Hospital & treatment room
Veterinarians working with student interns
Climbing branches!
Peeling tree branches and having
a smooth place to sit!
Playing in
Enjoying time
with other
Sitting on top of the world!
Water play!
Making friends!
Popcorn and a movie night on a
cold rainy day!