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Monkeys who need sponsors!
Some came from misinformed owners who tried to give them a good home but were overwhelmed by the needs of a monkey. Others were horribly
mistreated by abusive owners, who faced criminal charges for their actions. Others are hero monkeys retired from research institutions. No matter what
their backgrounds are, they all have one thing in common, they found their way to OPR!
Male Java Macaque

Tyler is autistic and doesn't do well with most
monkeys because he typically can't tolerate
physical contact for longer than 8 seconds at
any one time.

He is timid, sensitive and very sweet natured.
Unlike most monkeys Tyler doesn't appreciate
change in his environment. He doesn't like his
cage furniture moved around or changed in any
way. He likes his daily routine to remain

Tyler enjoys playing with his Teddy bears,
manipulating treats from the puzzle feeders,
watching TV, and playing in the water!
Especially during the warmer weather when he
can spend the better part of his day 'bathing'
his Teddy Bears in the pool!

He enjoys grooming his roommate 'Jala'  
through the 'partial contact' safety barrier, but
only on occasion!
Mandy Pants
Female Java Macaque

Mandy uses sign language to invite her human
caretakers or other monkeys to groom her. She also
signs when she wants more food.

Mandy is a bit chubby as she seems to have a slow
metabolism, so we offer her lower calorie meals. Her
snacks are pink lady apples and tamarind.

Mandy is a sweet, sensitive monkey whom is very
reactive to her environment and situations within her life.

In 2019 Mandy's best friend and roommate of 20 years
'Keiki', lost his life to cancer.

Monkeys, like humans, grieve at the loss of loved ones.
The loss of Keiki has been very difficult for Mandy and
we are working hard to help Mandy overcome her loss.

We will be pairing Mandy with a new monkey friend as
soon as she is ready!

Our hearts are broken for Mandy's loss!
RIP sweet Keiki! You will never be forgotten!

Rhesus macaque
Abducted from the wild

George continues to recover from his cruel abduction
from his family in the wild. It's heartbreaking that he can
never return to the freedom place where he was born.
But we do everything humanly possible to make his
captive life happy, safe, and enriched!

Over the past twelve years George has matured and
become a confident adult. He is an alpha male and very
proud of his rank position.

George loves to practice making 'tough expressions' in
the mirror and because he is self aware, he does know
that it is himself he sees,and he thinks he's pretty

His favorite activities (other than admiring himself in the
mirror) are swimming or other water play,  hunting for
bugs, chasing frogs in the pool, and enjoying 'popcorn
and a movie night'.

His favorite foods are broccoli, pomegranate and
mango. He also loves picking peanut butter out of
various puzzle feeders!
Thelma Lou
Female Java macaque
Retired from research

Thelma Lou joined the OPR family in June of 2017. She is
adapting to her new found freedom at OPR and thriving
with her cousins!

Thelma is a rambunctious little monkey who loves making
exaggerated funny faces at her humans!

She spends her days hunting for bugs, running her fingers
through the grass in the outdoor enclosures, and exploring
new areas with her BFF 'Eve'.

Thelma Lou is taking 'how to be smart and sneaky' classes
from her friend 'Eve', whom has mastered that class! The
two little girls are the cutest narcissists on planet Earth.

In 2019 Thelma Lou was voted 'cutest face ever'

Her favorite foods are strawberries and dried mango!
Female Java macaque

Eve sucks her thumb, and looks very innocent. She
slaps the wall to get her humans attention. She enjoys
grooming the arms of her human caretakers but that  
is usually just a trick to get them close enough to steal
something on their person!

Eve was a bully to the other Javas during her juvenile
years but has matured and become more reasonable
with age. In the Summer of 2017 Eve found a best
friend in a young research retiree "Thelma Lou" and
the two have become inseparable!

Eve is a true narcissist. She feels that she deserves
better and more of everything that is good than
anyone else! She can count, and if she isn't given
three times the amount of
whatever the others are
getting, she throws a tantrum of epic magnitude!

Her favorite foods are red grapes (NOT GREEN) she
will throw green ones out of her enclosure, act like
you've done something terrible, and pout!
Cornelius P Fluffernutter III
Male Java macaque

OMG! Corney is SO reactive to anything and

This dramatic little man thinks quite highly of himself,
and is just a silly little goof ball.

He lacks social skills needed to safely pair with other
monkeys, but we're still working on his social skills and
mental issues and have hope to pair him in the future.

This little guy is doing well but is being treated for a
serious bone problem caused by malnutrition at an
early age.

Corney enjoys large Nylabones, and Hercules bones.
He loves the loud noise they make when he hurls them
at the wall.

Corney loves munching on meal worms and eating
peanuts in the shell!
Female Java macaque
Retired from research

Louise retired from research as a juvenile in
2017 and joined the OPR family.

Louise is a well adjusted little monkey who has
a knack for getting along well with just about any
personality type!

She has great social skills, she's
carefree, playful, and enjoys playing in the sand

She is currently paired with 'Jack' and the two
have become great friends!

Louise's nurturing nature has been so good for
Jack and we have observed a decrease in his
'self sham biting' behaviors since the two were

Her favorite treat is getting a WHOLE mango all
to herself! She loves playing with
the mango seed when the fruit has all been
Male Java macaque
ex-pet / Animal abuse case

Jack is an avid swimmer and spends a great deal of time
diving into the macaque pool and searching for hidden

Because of his abusive and unfortunate past, Jack has no
coping skills and has emotional issues. While he no longer
injures himself, he still 'sham bites' his foot if he becomes
excited, anxious, or frustrated for any reason, good or bad!

Like with humans, early age traumatic events can affect
monkeys on a behavioral / emotional level throughout their

Since Jack found a great friend in Louise, his sham biting
episodes have decreased in frequency, but likely will
continue throughout his lifetime.

In the evening Jack snuggles with 'Louise' and enjoys
watching TV before falling asleep!

His favorite foods are walnuts in the shell and fresh
blueberry's on the branches.
Female Java macaque
Neglect /Animal abuse case

ala's prognosis for survival was grim. While she has
doubled her weight and her mobility has improved,
Jala still has a long road to recovery.

From chronic lack of food and water, and consuming
non food items for so many grueling years, Jala's
intestinal tract was permanently damaged.

For 12 years Jala was hidden as a secret in the
basement and nearly starved to death!

Every day when Jala is fed, she becomes vocally
excited and thanks us before she eats.

Jala loves to play in the water and has found many
friends at OPR. She is one of the sweetest souls we
have ever encountered.

Jala lives with special needs monkey 'Tyler' and enjoys
protected contact grooming when he is 'in the mood'..
Jala can visit her cousins in adjacent buildings but
seems to prefer hanging out with Tyler in the special
needs area!

Jala will never again fear the hand of a human!
Male Java macaque

Cosmo is a real life 'Curious George' who can run faster,
leap higher and play longer than any of his cousins!

Cosmo loves Teddy bears and 'girl monkeys'. But the
only ones that seem to stay with him long term are the
Teddy Bears!

That's because 'girl monkeys' always find out that he
snores at night, he's very messy, and he leaves the toilet
seat up. In a nutshell he's just at that awkward age that
'girl monkeys' find annoying!

Message from Cosmo:
"Gurls are stoopid"

So for Cosmo, we're back to pairing him with a new
buddy, as he will likely do well with another younger and
equally annoying male!

His favorite foods are blueberries, tamarind and corn on
the cob! (With the husk on)
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Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

Flynn joined the OPR family in October 2019 after retiring from a life in

or you will be sorry, and Flynn will lose his mind!

When we realized how extremely obsessed Flynn was with his mirror,
we purchased another with hopes that having two might desensitize
him enough so that when we needed to remove one for cleaning, he
would still have one to clutch and wouldn't become so frantic.

But with two mirrors, he was now holding one in each hand forcing him
to walk upright all day long, on two feet like a human which is
uncomfortable for a monkey!

Now Flynn has six mirrors! He's not as frantic when a couple are
removed for cleaning and everyone is happy!
Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

Each morning Max greets his human caretakers
by pressing his 'warrior ' belly against the chain
link, while offering happy 'warrior' grunts and
mumbles in exchange for a nice belly rub!

Exploring the great outdoors, chasing bugs in
the grass, playing in the outdoor enclosures, and
watching big screen TV are some of his favorite

Max has a Mango habit!

A HUGE thank you to
Fred Meyer in Longview
for supporting Max's Mango habit!
Please help us take care of Eve
Please help us take care of Thelma Lou
4 pounds and barely able to
stand on arrival...
9-1/2 pounds
at OPR 1-year later !
Jala in one of the many wire
tunnels that allow her to travel to
different areas within her building,
and around the property
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Male Pigtail Macaque
Ex-pet monkey

KeyKey was surrendered to OPR by his owner in 2020.
He was
very much loved and well cared for, but as he
matured his behaviors became too difficult to manage.

To complicate matters there were no veterinarians
available where he lived to provide necessary medical
care, and KeyKey needed dental surgery and treatment
for IBD. IBD is a fairly common ailment with macaques
but KeyKey is responding well with treatment!

KeyKey adjusted quickly to his new environment and is
already making new friends. He loves playing in the
water and flirting with the other monkeys! But his all time
favorite thing is to play with his ball!

Please help us take care of Darwin
Male Rhesus macaque
Retired from research


While he enjoys just about every food type in his
meals, pomegranates make him squeal with delight!
There's just something so appealing to him about
those vibrant juicy red seeds that stain his fingers while
he's eating them that make him SO happy! So we
make sure this sweet boy has a never ending supply at
his fingertips!

While Darwin hasn't been here very long, he has
gained the interest of his roommates and we hope to
pair him when he is medically cleared. Until then he
enjoys throwing Brazil nuts across the room to his
buddies on the other side, watching TV and exploring
the outdoors!
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Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

When Severus first arrived he wasn't quite sure
about going outdoors to explore. Until this
moment in his life he never knew outdoors even
existed!  He didn't seem at all afraid, just a bit
curious as he cautiously peeked every now and
again through a tunnel that provided him access
to this unfamiliar area with lush pastures and
trees surrounding his new home.

For the first few weeks he remained indoors
getting to know the other monkeys, exploring all
of his new swings, ledges, toys, and even a big
screen TV where he could watch Animal Planet!
But while that outdoor area was interesting, it
seemed a bit overwhelming and he thought it
might be somewhere he shouldn't be!

The day he found the courage to venture
outdoors, I sat and cried tears of overwhelming
joy as I watched him realize this was the first of
many more best days of his life to come!

Welcome to OPR my friend, where you will be
loved, well cared for, and happy for the rest of
your days!
Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

Vader loves getting his own mini box of raisins
AND he is very smart! He has learned to
carefully open the raisin box without tearing it,
and then he carefully eats one raisin at a time
until they are all gone! And without spilling any of
the raisins!

It was clear from day one that Vader is a huge
fan of water play! He was lightning quick to enter
the swimming pool! And after his first swim
every toy, every random birchwood stick and all
of his food treats joined him in the pool!
Vader is developing a friendly relationship with
Cornelius and we are hopeful for a happy
successful pairing with the two boys!
Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

Weasley is quite the clown, and made himself at
home as soon as he arrived at OPR! While he had
never before experienced the great outdoors, that
didn't stop him from immediately running outside and
quickly claiming every corner of every area, AND he
made sure to boast about it to his resident cousins!

With macaques, "He who makes the most noise
wins". The second day he was here, Weasley trotted
up and down the wire tunnels leading to various
areas for hours, banging toys loudly against the foot
ledge, and hurling objects in the playground through
the air to crash loudly on the ground below! This
helped him 'explain' to the other monkeys that a new
Sheriff was in town...and that Sheriff of course, would
be him!

Weasley likes to lay on his back on the ledges with
one foot against the side wall, then forcefully kick his
foot against the wall sending himself sliding like a
hockey puck clear to the other end of the ledge!

Weasley is a sneaky funny little guy who is hilariously
and completely full of himself.