Environmental Enrichment
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We enjoy helping our Non-human primate friends thrive through creative enrichment and care. It's so
rewarding to watch the monkeys enjoy various enrichment toys or activities
and enjoy their days at OPR!

SAFETY FIRST: Safety is always an important factor when designing enrichment toys and devices.
Monkeys are like inquisitive toddlers and can get their hands, fingers or other body parts stuck in the
most unique places! Special care is taken to make sure the items we provide are durable and safe for
the monkeys. Any hole sizes on toys or other items provided to the monkeys are designed to be larger
than a monkey's finger and smaller than a monkey's hand. This prevents them from getting fingers or
hands stuck in any device!

Enrichment can also be activities such as watching a movie, or hearing and smelling popcorn being
popped, and then eating some! Playing in the water running from a hose, or going for a swim in the pool
are great summer activities. In the summer we often times make 'monkey pops' where containers are
filled with various nuts and fruits, covered with water and frozen!

Blowing bubbles for the monkeys to chase and pop during the winter is a great form of indoor
enrichment! Or giving them crickets or meal worms in clear containers with tight fitting lids provides not
only fun, but a tasty snack when they remove the lids!

Monkeys enjoy looking through and tearing up magazines with a lot of colored photos, snuggling in
warm polar fleece blankets, or grooming teddy bears!

We are always thinking of new enrichment ideas to keep the monkeys entertained!
OPR Monkey Chef  
prepares food
enrichment for the
Monkeys enjoy our home made
banana feeders!
PVC puzzle feeders!
Great Food
enrichment ideas!
Popcorn and
a movie night
The best enrichment of all is
companionship with their own kind!

While one may benefit
greatly from having a
stuffed teddy bear, another
may not even touch it, or
another may tear it apart
and eat the stuffing, which
could create a medical
emergency! One monkey
may enjoy hearing corn
being popped, but another
may be frightened from the
popping sound!

Getting to know each
individual is critically
important in designing a
safe and successful
enrichment program for
each individual monkey!
Coring out a hole
in a yam and an
apple, and filling
the hole in each
with the core of
the other is also
interesting for a
Poking unsalted
sunflower seeds
into an apple, or
making fruit and
nut ice cube trays
are great
Favorite enrichment products from
(great gift ideas!)
Primate Busy
can be used in
so many ways
and are a
favorite at OPR!

peanut butter on
the tube inside
of the box and
covering with
trail mix keeps
the monkeys
busy for hours!
Monkeys enjoy
working the
'Prima Treats'
out of this
durable puzzle
Monkeys love seeing their mirror
image in the balls and the way they
wobble when they roll!

Enrichment Items or
activities considered safe
and successful forone
monkey may be unsafe or
unsuccessful in another!
Visiting with furry goats
is fun!
Water Enrichment in the outdoor habitats
Bobbing for apples
Environmental Enrichment
If the monkey ain’t happy…
ain’t nobody happy!